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"Bischoff has a mesmerizing lightness of touch--but then sweeps you away with a blast of something far more base and unruly, into squally shadows and deeps."
- Ian Penman reviewing Audio Combine, THE WIRE, May 2012

"What I find myself appreciating most about Bischoff's work is the originality of his counterpoint. It's made up of very different timbres, rather than melodic lines, whose punctual appearance and disappearance, and overlapping, create an impression of layers of sounds coexisting and evolving... This is work whose seriousness of purpose would reward those curious to explore the outer limits."
- Robert Carl review of Audio Combine, FANFARE, July/August 2012

"It's refreshing to hear computer-processed composition of such stately slow-moving delicacy which, even at its most abstract and challenging, show Bischoff's absolute control over his resources."
- Keith MolinŽ, THE WIRE, March 2004

"APERTURE's title track provides neat closure to a disc that is both challenging and remarkable in its potential for repeated listening and accessibility as a cohesive statement. (It) condenses much of the ideas represented in the previous six tracks... emphasizing the seductive aura of Bischoff's music as a whole."
- Andrew Culler, THE BRAINWASHED BRAIN, October 19, 2003

"Best of all, Bay Area-based John Bischoff demonstrated the vitality and breadth of electronic music as a live medium.ć Visceral impact was the upshot: You were there, even without understanding where 'there' was."
- Josef Woodard, LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 31, 2000

"...Bischoff holds an important position in the development of electronic music, both within the American academic tradition and without—and one whose contemporary endurance is not simply limited to analogy."
- Sean Cooper, URBAN SOUNDS, Fall 1998.

"Bischoff creates organic and primal music, which touches at the very nerve of reality. Working with the computer as an intelligence....the aural results are not at all cold, but raw and powerful."
- Andrew Rawnsley, XLR8R, October 1997

"Bischoff succeeded in riding a middle ground between chaos and order...every time that he introduced chaos into order he also knew how to control this chaos, which made his concert an exciting event."
- Rene van Peer, EINDHOVEN DAG BLAD, June 3, 1995

"Bischoff's ARTIFICIAL moving and evocative. I was especially attracted to AUDIO WAVE. It is music as idiomatic to the computer as a Paganini piece is to the violin."
- Erling Wold, COMPUTER MUSIC JOURNAL, Winter 1991

"Mr. Bischoff showed a consistently interesting musical sensibility...a satisfying sense of form.ć His AUDIO WAVE was most impressive..."
- James Oestreich, NEW YORK TIMES, November 19, 1989